PRIMAGEL PLUS is a transparent dermatologically tested disinfectant gel.
PRIMAGEL PLUS thorougly acts against Candida Albicans, Bacteria and most resistant Viruses. It is specific against Coronavirus – SARS.
Dries quickly, leaving hands fresh and soft.

PRIMAGEL PLUS is a ready-to-use product particlarly recommended for the following applications:
– Hand sanitization in the medical-hospital sector
– In domestic environment, before cooking, after contact with animals
– In public places – public transport, vehicles, toilets, offices, playgrounds
– Food business operators, tourism and office workers, educators and production workers
– Wherever the risk of infection is higher or lower

Its efficacy has long since been confirmed by numerous certifications obtained.
– Bactericidal action EN 13727:2012 + A2:2015
– Fungicide action EN 13624:2013
– Tuberculocidal EN 14348:2005
– Virucidal EN 14476:2013 + A1:2015
– HYGIENIC HANDRUB Approval EN 500:2013
– Surgical Hand Disinfection EN 12791:2016 + A1:2017

The product is registered and approved by the Estonian Health Board, biocide registration certificate no. 1919/20

Use the biocide safely!
Always read the enclosed information before use!