Nordic Amenities is a company with a professional and passionate heart, dedicated to creating and offering unique and distinctive products to hotels and accommodation establishments. Our experience and many successful projects make us a valuable partner for our clients. Our professionals support our clients in every aspect, helping with their skills and enthusiasm every step of the way until the goal is achieved, so our clients feel they are in good hands.


Our aim is to provide innovative and effective body care products (cosmetics) and accessories of the highest quality for hotels. Because hotel amenities are not just products to be consumed, but to be experienced daily with all your senses. That's why our philosophy - "Best for our customer" - aims high: we provide hotels with products that stand out and offer visitors a comprehensive added value. Quality is always a top priority for our customers.


Our vision is to inspire our clients and their guests with the world around us. Always offering diversity and inspiration and always leaving a little satisfaction in what we do, thereby striving for even higher quality, better service and more ethical values.


We are professional and innovative, committed to quality in everything we do. Our Code of Ethics is the foundation of our success.
They are the essence of our thoughts and our actions, both now and in the future.
Our professionalism and dedication constantly sets new standards for us to continue to improve our products and services.
We think without borders and work by pushing them to where we need them.
We praise the imagination and are curious about everything innovative.
We think differently and boldly.
We always set ourselves higher goals.
We are oriented to professionalism and dedication.
We inspire our customers.
Our customers' expectations, needs and well-being are our goal.
But we are practical in everything we do.


The difference between good and excellent quality is attention to detail.

We design each exclusive product line or customized product line in-house, taking into account all individual customer wishes and needs.

We use a European factory for almost all our cosmetics ranges, with our own in-house laboratory for product development, testing, production and analysis. Strict checks are carried out before the product is placed on the market to eliminate the risk of non-conformity, thus ensuring higher quality standards. Our aim is to provide only safe and reliable products, because our customers deserve the best.


In order to ensure that our warehouse and delivery capabilities meet our and our customers' needs and requirements and cover all logistical needs, we have selected the best Estonian logistics companies as our partners. Our pan-European network of logistics partners give us the ability to deliver our products to you quickly and safely across Europe. Whether it's a small parcel or a large vessel, it will always arrive at the agreed time.