The Cartridge dispenser range includes a wide selection of models with different capacities 370, 380 and 480 ml, all aesthetically and functionally designed with particular attention to detail, all with “green” soul: all bottles are made from recycled plastic.

360ml Dispenser


Minimalistic and contemporary style. . Thanks to its cleverly designed assembling kit, this wall dispenser is very easy to use. Its cylindrical shape makes it perfectly optimized.
370 - 480ml Dispenser


This comforting and elegant dispenser is an evergreen choice for retail and hotels as well as public areas. Extremely flexible, thanks to a wide range of accessories it can be placed almost everywhere.
400ml Dispenser


Real is the dispenser with invisible wall-bracket. An innovative product that combines functionality with a refined design to fit even the most elegant environments.
340ml Dispenser


Practical, essential and optimized in every detail. And yes, it swings... to offer the best simplicity of use. This wall dispenser finds the compromise with economy, style and environment.
300ml Dispenser


A unique, modern style, yet robust and functional. Thanks to the elegant design and the practical storage shelf, Azha perfectly suits any environment. The shape of the shelf, available in several colors and finishing and in two sizes, are designed to be playful and versatile. The only limit is the imagination.
350ml Dispenser


Trend is the new non-refillable dispenser developed in order to ensure high levels of hygiene and perfect product integrity. It is also a guarantee of eco-sustainability as, thanks to its membrane cap, it allows a controlled dosage of the cosmetic product and therefore less waste. Its minimal design and modern shapes make it suitable for different types of environments.
300ml Dispenser


Friendly but delicate, through in-depth ergonomic studies, this product has been designed to best meet the demand of convenience and has made it particularly pleasant to the eye and touch.
330ml Dispenser


CON-TATTO®: the innovative dispenser, handy and eco-friendly. This unique dispenser is entirely designed and produced by Allegrini Amenities with a single purpose: environmental sustainability. Thanks to its creative and functional design it requires 39% less plastic compared to our previous dispensers.